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Fourni is an exciting and beautiful island between Samos and Ikaria. It is a perfect destination for nature-orientated travelers to visit. Fourni is comfort, not fashion.

The Fourni-archipelago lies in a triangle formed by Ikaria, Samos and Patmos. The cliffs of the islands, overgrown with macchia, split up into fiord-like bays, providing picture postcard views that we invite you to enjoy here. Visitors take time to get their bearings in the maze of rocks and water, soon realising why Fourni was a pirates' residence.  Excepting the main island only Thimena is, in fact, inhabited. There are three settlements on Fourni, or Korseon, as it was called in the past.

Travelling to Fourni

Many ways lead to Fourni, all of them across the water. Your only chance to get a helicopter ride is to fall in need of a hospital. Several times a week the Piraeus-Samos car-ferries go to Fourni. However, their timetables do not depend on flight schedules at the airport of Athen or Samos, so plan to stay for a night or two.




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